The ECEGSA was founded by David A. Bader in November of 1994. He is currently a Professor and Executive Director of High-Performance Computing in the Georgia Tech College of Computing. At the time of foundation, the Graduate Student Association was named EEGSA (Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Association). Later, it was renamed to its current name, ECEGSA (Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association). A long standing tradition of ECEGSA is the weekly Coffee hour, every Friday, in A.V. Williams Graduate Lounge.

Over the years the organization has grown and is now the host of several social, academic and, recently, sporting activities. The current calendar year has many of these events in store, including the traditional weekly coffee hour and academic seminar, weekly movie night, weekly outdoor sport get together (at Engineering fields) along with special events such as the Fall BBQ, Homecoming game tailgate, a hiking event in Fall, etc. Similar such events take place in Spring, including ski trips. This year, we engaged the ECE graduate community over the summer via several planned outdoor events, such as a summer picnic and the initiation of the weekly outdoor sports event, which included Frisbee, Football and Soccer.

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